Is It Time for Your Preseason Heating and Cooling System Tune-Up?

Picking the best time to have your heating or cooling system inspected and tuned up involves more than just finding an available opening in your schedule. You want to find the time before overwhelmingly uncomfortable hot or cold weather strikes. Get your system ready to perform its best for you during the extreme seasons.

Take Advantage of Milder Temperatures

It’s generally best to conduct your preseason tune-up between the more extreme seasons of summer and winter. Your air conditioning system will operate more effectively if you ensure that there is a new filter and it has plenty of refrigerants to keep you cool.

The system should be inspected for temperature consistency and accuracy. By doing the maintenance during a time of year with moderate temperatures, you won’t have to be too uncomfortable if the system is taken out of commission.

Complete Inspection and Care of Your System

Being low on refrigerant or having a buildup of dirt on its coils can cause your cooling system to become inefficient. Corroded or clogged heater parts can make periods of extreme cold miserable. Professional technicians can look at every portion of your heating and cooling system for potential problems and give it the routine care it needs for better performance.

Find and Fix Problems Before They Catch You Off Guard

Major heating and cooling system problems rarely happen overnight. Bringing in the expertise of certified technicians to perform regular maintenance is one way to catch a problem before it turns into a disaster. Not only can it save money on major repairs, but it can also keep you from paying the costs of an emergency repair call if your system goes down.

Call us at Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a preseason tune-up for your heating and cooling system. Your system will be completely inspected and maintained during the process. Our goal will be to make sure that you’re prepared for a long season of high and low temperatures in Martinsburg, WV. We also offer a full range of other heating and cooling services, so contact us today.