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No matter the time of year, your home is a place where you and your family should always feel comfortable, content, and—most importantly—safe. You keep up with your AC’s needs by scheduling air conditioning repair services, and you ensure your heating system is ready to battle the cold with regular maintenance.

But what about indoor air quality? Your home’s indoor air quality (or IAQ) is susceptible to many pollutants. These pollutants can come from inside and outside of your home. For instance, some furnishings include upholstery that may release harmful chemicals into the air. These pollutants can circulate through your home’s ductwork, entering your living spaces and mingling with the air you breathe.

Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning has been proudly providing the Martinsburg, WV, and Frederick, MD, communities, as well as many surrounding areas, with reliable heating and cooling services for over 27 years. Our respectful and experienced professionals are ready to meet your indoor air quality needs.

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Why Consider Air Purification?

Air purification systems, such as air purifiers, can benefit your household in several ways. For instance, air purifiers are known to:

  • Improve air by removing contaminants
  • Capture pollen, dust, and smoke particles
  • Eliminate strange indoor odors
  • Relieve allergies & asthma symptoms
  • Help prevent the spread of germs

Pollutants are a constant menace, and high temperatures and excessive humidity levels can increase the concentrations of some pollutants. Plus, your home’s ventilation can play a prominent role in keeping pollutants at bay. If you have inadequate ventilation, these contaminant levels can multiply. Our Warrior IAQ products are excellent in battling unwanted indoor air pollution.

Filter Air Quality & Say Goodbye to Pollutants

If you have allergies or asthma, there’s no reason why you should have to suffer through poor indoor air quality. With leading IAQ services and air purification products, you can eliminate pesky pollutants and alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms.

For instance, with an air purifier or filter, air quality can drastically improve with the removal of pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants. As a family-owned and operated company, Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning will help you improve and filter air quality with a complete dedication to your safety. After all, your safety, health, and satisfaction are our top priorities—always.

Upgrade Your Comfort With Temperature Zones

Along with IAQ services, a zoned HVAC system can help improve your household’s comfort. If you’re looking to upgrade your indoor air further, temperature zoning is a great solution. With temperature zones, you can pick and choose which rooms in your home to heat or cool. As a result, you can waste less energy—and increase savings on your energy bills.

If you’re interested in adding temperature zones to your home, we’re here to assist. We know that you might be unfamiliar with these types of services, so we’ll gladly answer any questions you have and walk you through the temperature zoning process.

Reliable IAQ Services, Respectful Experts

We know how important your family’s health and safety are. No matter your indoor air quality needs, we’re always here to help. From Martinsburg, WV, to Frederick, MD, and every neighborhood in between, we’ll arrive at your door ready and eager to ensure all of your needs are met.

Whether you need help with poor IAQ or an AC Installation in Frederick, MD, we’ll exceed your expectations with superior customer service.

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How to solve the problem of unhealthy air

The Problem Why it’s a Problem The Solution
Odors/Chemical Vapors
Odors/Chemical Vapors
(Perfumes, cleaning supplies, solvents, pet odors, cooking fumes)
Airborne chemicals can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, rashes, dizziness and, in some cases, severe illness. Purification
To combat toxins like chemicals, you have to destroy them. The PureAir™ air purification system safely and effectively removes and destroys chemical vapors and odors.Ventilation
These systems replace stale indoor air with fresh air from outside, which helps dilute the power of toxic chemicals commonly found in household furnishings.
Odors/Chemical Vapors
(Pollen, dust mites, dirt, pet dander)
Airborne chemicals can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, rashes, dizziness and, in some cases, severe illness. Filtration
High-efficiency filtration products are designed to capture small particles and keep them from recirculating back into your home’s air. This also helps maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system.Humidity Control
Products like the Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system help prevent moisture buildup, which can promote the growth of mold and mildew.
(Bacteria, viruses, mold)
Biological contaminants can cause or aggravate asthma, as well as hay fever and other allergies.

PureAir™ Purification System Total home comfort and peace of mind

The Mayo Clinic has found that air cleaners attached to whole-house systems are generally more effective than freestanding air cleaners. An optimal solution for central HVAC systems, the PureAir™ Air Purification System installs easily on the furnace or air handler (return air side), where a filter would typically be placed.


Odors and chemical vapors can come from many different sources inside and outside the home. Once inside the home, these pollutants circulate through the ductwork, entering every room and living space. Using innovative air-purification technology, the PureAir System helps remove the hundreds of odors/chemical vapors that can contaminate your home’s air.

Unmatched cleaning power of the PureAir™ system, compared to other technologies



At Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning, we proudly offer Aprilaire products to assist our customers with achieving the highest levels of indoor air quality. While smog may first come to mind when thinking about air pollution, the indoor air quality of many homes is actually up to five times worse than outside! Plus, viruses and bacteria are always a concern for homeowners, especially in homes with children and those with preexisting health conditions. By installing a state-of-the-art Aprilaire Healthy Air System, our team can help you reduce airborne viruses and contaminants throughout your entire home, and make the air you breathe safer and cleaner.