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Comfort Club

Comfort Club is a preventive service program for your heating and cooling system. Our expert technicians clean, inspect and tune up your system to make sure it is in proper working order for the upcoming season. We strongly believe that our Comfort Club will pay for itself many times over in the reduction of repair costs and added longevity of your equipment.

Comfort Club Benefits

Our technicians maintain your equipment and its performance. We know when and what components need lubrication and cleaning, and can identify components that may be in need of replacement.

Study results indicate that routine maintenance can save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills.
Routine maintenance ensures the highest energy efficiency and enhances the life expectancy of the equipment.
As a Comfort Club Member, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that your effort to conserve energy is having a positive impact on the environment.
Minor repairs and adjustments can prevent major repairs and catastrophic failures that could require premature equipment replacements.
Providing Comfort to Families for over 27 Years
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Local Service Experts Ready To Serve You

Comfort is a call away!

Protects Equipment Warranties

We maintain accurate records of service and repair for better equipment management and warranty protection. Most major brands require annual maintenance performed by a licensed contractor in order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

15% Off All Future Service Calls Throughout The Entire Year

Comfort Club Members receive a 15% discount off all future service calls, priority scheduling, regular maintenance reminders via phone or email, and discounts on new installations.

Pre-Season Tune-Ups Includes The Following Multi-Point Checklist:

  • Change air filter*
  • Check ambient temperature
  • Check suction line temperature
  • Check liquid line temperature
  • Check for proper air flow
  • Check electrical connections
  • Inspect blower compartment
  • Check blower motor, wheel and belt
  • Clean out blow-out drain
  • Lubricate motor
  • Check thermostat
  • Check overall system operation
*Additional charges may apply for specialty/irregular size filters.


NOTE: Your Comfort Club Agreement is NOT an insurance policy. The agreement provides for inspections and maintenance along with discounts on parts and services as described herein. We reserve the right to cancel or modify this program without notice.

Costs are determined by the type of equipment you have in your home. For homes with both heating and A/C, we recommend two service calls per year. For homes with heating system only, one visit per year is advised.

We provide our Comfort Club Members with discounts of 15% off all future service calls throughout the entire year, priority scheduling, regular maintenance reminders via phone or email, discounts on new installations ($50 for each year you have been a member); not to mention the peace of mind!