How to Reset Air Conditioning Unit

When power outages happen, it’s not uncommon for your home air conditioning system to not restart. This is a safety mechanism built into the system to protect its internal components from long-term damage due to the power outage. By understanding how to reset your air conditioning system, you can get it back up and running without having to call in a professional.

Start With Your Thermostat

When your air conditioning system isn’t working, it’s likely your first instinct to head to your electrical panel. However, you need to start with your thermostat. Turn your thermostat to the off position. It must be in the off position before you kill the power to your entire air conditioning system in order for it to reset properly.

Kill the Power

Once your thermostat is turned off, it’s time to kill the power to your entire home air conditioning system. You’ll need to do this from the electrical panel box in your home. These are typically found in the basement, crawlspace, laundry room, or garage, depending on how your home is set up.

You’ll want to open the panel box and locate the circuit breaker that is for your home air conditioning system. Turn the breaker to the off position. Wait for a full minute before turning the circuit breaker back to the on position. If you don’t wait a full 60 seconds, it may prevent your centralized home air conditioning system from restarting correctly.

Allow Time for an Internal Reset

After you flip the circuit breaker back on, you’ll need to give it a solid 30 minutes before you turn your thermostat back on. This time allows for your entire air conditioning system to reset internally. Turning the thermostat back on before the 30 minutes is up can cause the system restart to fail.

Reliable AC Repair

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