How to Reduce AC Power Consumption

You don’t need to reduce your indoor comfort in order to keep your energy bills low throughout the summer. Your AC’s power consumption should never be too high when you stay on top of important maintenance tasks. There are a few other things you can do to reduce your AC’s power consumption even more.

Clean the Air Filter

You should change the air filter monthly to keep your AC’s power consumption low. When the air filter is full, your air conditioner struggles to operate at the same level and uses up more power to cool your home. Other problems may result from a clogged air filter, such as weak airflow and inadequate cooling. Some models have a cleanable filter that you don’t need to replace. Check the manufacturer’s details to know whether to change or clean it.

Annual Maintenance

Your AC should receive professional maintenance once a year to prevent excessive power consumption. When your air conditioning system doesn’t receive maintenance, it has too much dust built up inside. Moving parts also become too dry, which increases the wear and tear on the appliance. During air conditioning maintenance, we clean the internal components and lubricate the moving parts. We also tighten loose electrical connections and inspect the appliance for other problems. Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning provides AC maintenance in Martinsburg, WV, and surrounding areas.

One Degree Higher

Determine what set point you find comfortable, and then increase it by one degree. You most likely won’t notice a difference in your comfort. A single degree in your thermostat’s set point significantly reduces your power consumption. Another option is to install a smart or programmable thermostat. You can set up these thermostats to automatically adjust based on whether or not someone is at home.

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