Heal Your Dry Skin With a Whole-House Humidifier

Today’s whole-house humidifiers offer a number of excellent health benefits. One of those benefits is a significant reduction of problems with dry skin. To learn more, read on as we cover the basics of whole-house humidifiers as well as their great effects on dry skin.

How They Work

Unlike small portable humidifier units, whole-house humidifiers work on a much larger scale to quickly and thoroughly humidify your entire home. They work automatically and are actually installed into your home’s HVAC system so when it runs, the humidifier also runs. As air is pushed through the duct system, that air is continuously humidified.

The Benefits

Significant improvement of dry skin issues is one great perk to these types of humidifiers. With a much higher humidity level in the home’s air at all times, the skin can then retain its own moisture and healthy oils that are otherwise greatly depleted by dry, traditionally heated air. In addition to helping with dry skin, whole-house humidifiers also help with certain breathing issues. They also improve heating efficiency along with how well the home holds heat once heated.

Are They Hard to Install or Maintain?

Yet another perk to these types of humidifiers is their relative ease of installation. They are installed directly in line with your pre-existing ductwork and are then simply fed power and water. They are no major feat to install, and maintaining them is very simple, too.

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