Are Mini-Split Units Good for Heating Purposes?

One option for heating your home is a mini-split system. Also known as a ductless heating system, it comes with some advantages over other ways of heating a house, such as a furnace. These are the main advantages of this heating system.

Zoned Heating

You can heat individual rooms with a mini-split system. You can decide to just heat the rooms that are occupied, saving you the expense of heating empty rooms.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Ducts are notorious for losing heat. Up to 30% of heat is lost in them due to being poorly installed or developing cracks and leaks over time. A mini-split system doesn’t use ducts, so all of the heat that’s generated ends up in your living space. Many mini-split systems are also Energy Star-certified. The outdoor and indoor components are very efficient, too, further reducing your energy bills.

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Improved Air Quality

Mini-split systems have dehumidifiers built into them. The dehumidifier pulls excess moisture from the air. This makes a home more comfortable and helps to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Advanced mini-split systems also have air filters that remove airborne pollutants.

They Can Cool Your Home

A mini-split system doesn’t just heat your home; it can also cool your house during the summer. During winter, it pulls heat from the outside air to heat your residence. It can also pull heat from your indoor air in the summer and release it outdoors.

They’re Great for New Additions

It’s often the case that a new addition can’t be heated by an existing central heating system. In this case, a mini-split system can be installed that heats just the addition.

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