Should My Furnace Fan Continuously Run

With over 25 years of experience serving Martinsburg and the surrounding areas, our customers have come to trust us with all things HVAC-related. One of the questions we often receive is whether it is beneficial to operate the furnace fan continuously. If you are wondering the same, keep reading to learn ways your furnace fan can make your home more energy-efficient.

Will Continuously Running My Furnace Fan Cause Damage?

One of the initial concerns you may have about running your furnace fan 24/7 is whether it is okay to do so. It might surprise you to learn that your furnace fan was built to run consistently. In fact, running the fan continuously may even extend the life of the fan.

Does Running My Furnace Fan Aid My HVAC System?

Running your furnace fan allows your HVAC system to heat and cool more efficiently by counteracting a phenomenon called the stack effect. Hot air naturally rises while cold air falls. If you live in a multistory home, the upstairs will be warm while the rooms on the lower level will be cooler. Even single-story homes have different temperature zones in different rooms throughout the day. Running your furnace fan disperses air throughout the home, creating a consistent temperature throughout.

Will Continuously Running My Fan Increase My Energy Bill?

Running your furnace fan continuously might cause an initial increase in your heating bill; however, the increase will be slight and temporary. Over time, you will save money by running your furnace fan continuously because doing so will create a more consistent temperature throughout your home.

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