How to Locate Cold Air Leaks in Your Home

If you’re concerned about cold air leaking into your home throughout the winter, Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Leaks large and small can drive your winter energy bills up and cause various rooms in your home to be cool even if you have the heat on. It’s important to find and address these air leaks.

Use Your Hands

Larger leaks can be found using only your hands. On a cold day when you have the heat running, use your hands to check the inside edges of any doors or windows that are on the exterior of your home. If you feel cold air, it could indicate that there’s an air leak. Your hands can be sensitive enough to find air leaks around vents and electrical outlets as well.

Use a Candle or Leak Detector

To find smaller leaks, a candle or an actual leak detector can produce accurate results. When using a candle, turn off your central heating system and move a lit candle around baseboards, electrical outlets, or phone jacks. If you see the candle flame flicker, it could mean that there’s air escaping from a leak. Pointing a leak detector at certain areas can determine if air is leaking through small cracks.

Use a Professional

When you want to make sure that your home is free of leaks, have a professional perform a thorough assessment. They’ll use a blower fan to depressurize your home. This will cause air leaks to become apparent so that you can get them addressed. This is the most effective way to find leaks in order to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Highly Experienced HVAC Technicians

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