Best Dusting Techniques & Products to Improve Your IAQ

Dust in your home is a fact of life, but it is a battle you can win on a consistent basis. The key is to use the right dusting techniques and to opt for products that can make your life easier.

Dust From the Ceiling to the Floor

Always dust from top to bottom to avoid creating yourself some additional work. Consider investing in a duster with an extension pole so that you don’t have to climb a ladder to dust crown molding or ceiling fans. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter right after dusting a room in order to collect the settled dust. Most experts recommend dusters and dusting cloths made with microfiber.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning has provided indoor air quality advice and products to homeowners throughout Martinsburg and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. We recommend you inspect your air filter every month and replace it when it is visually dirty or it has been used for three months.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Dust builds up where you cannot see it and easily reach, such as in your air ducts. It varies from home to home, but the general recommendation is to schedule professional air duct cleaning every several years.

Invest in Air Purification

Consider either room-based or whole-home air purification. A whole-home solution is ideal, but room-based can help a lot in those particularly lived-in areas. Be mindful that efficient heating, cooling, dehumidification, and humidification lend themselves to better air quality. Avoid chemical-based deodorizers, which can actually exacerbate a dust problem. Avoid clutter in rooms. Vacuum as often as possible even on days you don’t dust.

Breathe Easier

Heating and air conditioning for the home isn’t just about being comfortable but breathing well. At Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning, we’d love to help ensure excellent IAQ for you and your family. We also offer free energy audits and perform HVAC installations, repairs, and seasonal tune-ups. Contact us at your convenience with any questions and to schedule an appointment.