Johnson & Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning provides Bunker Hill, WV’s premier AC maintenance service. We’re a family-owned and operated business that treats customers as part of our extended family. While Bunker Hill is known for its Historic District and buildings without air conditioning might be nice tourist attractions, you want your home to have all of the modern comforts. Our NATE-certified technicians help you keep your air conditioning system in top working condition. Whether you already understand the value of routine maintenance or aren’t sure if your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency, you can count on us to clean and inspect your unit to get it working just the way you want.

Why You Need an AC Tune-Up Each Year

Your AC system is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Just like your car, it needs regular maintenance to keep everything working as it should. When you leave it neglected, dirt and grime build up on the inside of your air conditioner, reduce its cooling capacity, and puts extra strain on its parts that wears it out faster. Mechanical parts also come loose or wear out over time. What often happens is a small part starts to become an issue, but the homeowner doesn’t even realize their air conditioner is cooling slightly less optimally each week or how that little noise has gotten louder over time. By the time you realize what happened, you end up with an expensive emergency repair bill instead of a quick fix that could have been caught during maintenance.

There are many benefits of routine preventative AC maintenance. Let us help you enjoy them all!

  • Lower your energy bills
  • Extend the life of your air conditioner
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Avoid surprise repair bills
  • Ensure safe AC operation

Reputable AC Tune-Up Service in Bunker Hill

Customers rely on us for their AC maintenance needs because we keep their air conditioners working. We’ve built up our reputation for success with over 25 years of service to the local community. We have an A+ BBB accreditation and are members of the Eastern Panhandle Home Builders Association. We work with all makes and models of air conditioners and employ only certified technicians who are trained in the best practices of maintenance. At every visit, our technicians perform a thorough inspection of every detail. We’ll be happy to give you an honest overview of what we found, what we think you should do, and what might happen if you wait.

To schedule a maintenance check for your air conditioner, call us today.

AC already in check? We also offer heating maintenance services.

Are you having AC trouble? Call out AC repair experts now for a fast diagnosis and profesional resolution of any problem your air conditioner is experiencing.

Think it might be time for a new AC? We can help with that, too. Our AC installation experience is unmatched and tailored to exceed your expectations.